Habits You Must Quit to Be Happy

30.03.2016 30817

Have you ever met someone who didn't want to be happier? Me neither. Whether it's personal life or a job - we all desire to be happier every day.

Some people are able to achieve genuine happiness which doesn't depend on their life circumstances or an income level. However, other people, who seem like have everything you could desire are absolutely miserable. So what is the secret of finding happiness? What those so different, yet insanely happy people share? It turns out the BIG secret is simply quitting doing wrong things that we do every day, but which suck out our happiness.

If you feel that something is wrong with your life and it's time to make a change to become a happier person at work and in life - take a look on these 10 habits that prevent you from being happy.


The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that first work their asses off to succeed, while last only dream of success.

So many reasons can make us procrastinate: you could be afraid of the outcome, or unsure how to complete the task, or you just don’t feel like taking action. But the worst thing about doing nothing is nothing changes. At all. And putting something overwhelming off doesn't make it disappear - it makes it even scarier and harder to do.

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If procrastination is a habit of yours - get rid of it ASAP. What you need to do is to work on your discipline. Yes, it is hard. Yes, it is stressful. But isn't doing things at the last moment more stressful? Start with breaking your work on small tasks or periods of time. And don't concentrate on how you will manage to finish it, think about simply making first step. At first you'll need to force yourself to get started, but, according to science it takes only 21 day to form a new habit. Start today and in 3 weeks you will become a much happier person.


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