How Anyone Can Go Study And Work Abroad

03.03.2016 3735

Have you ever considered the opportunity of going abroad fo work or study? Do you think it's impossible because is irrelevant to your career?

If you did, you are not the only one and as the most of these people, you are wrong if you think it's impossible.

There are tons of 'working/studying abroad myths' that can discourage you. Often, students think that all the programs of studying overseas are too expensive, and professionals think there are no opportunities for them because they are no longer students.

But if you do really want to learn something new, develop new skills, networks and gain experience - there are a lot of programs and opportunities available.

Look for a Program That Is Relevant to Your Career

Usually, we think that traveling abroad has nothing to do with our career back home, but that is not always true. There are so many opportunities that can not only become an interesting experience, but also boost your career back home.

Think about it: if you will study in Asia, for example, for a year, you'll become fluent in a foreign language and become way more valuable as a professional at home. Besides, traveling to another country can be a great way to determine what do you really want from your life and career.

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If you're considering going overseas for studying - look for programs like internships and hands-on project management. They will provide not only academic credit, but also great professional experience. Besides, including such point to your resume will obviously give you a lot more chances to land a dream job.

Talk to the students who have gone through the program you've chosen to make sure this is what you want and what will help you to move forward in your career.


Whatever your working field is, there are a lot of short programs for professionals. They are up to three months long, but in that short period you'll be able to gain a lot of experience and add a big fat plus to your resume. Such programs are usually provided by universities, non-profit organizations and governments. When choosing a program think about how will it fit your career goals and help you in developing your responsibilities. If you will have an opportunity to see what your field looks like and operates in a different culture - it will be a great way to make a step forward in your career.


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