How Much Should A Man Earn Before Getting Married

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Tying the knot is a very important step in any person’s life and no wonder that most of us try to make everything right before we do that not to make any mistakes. Marriage comes with a lot of questions that now depend on two people. The most traditional approach to getting ready to commit is to make sure you are earning enough money to provide for the family. Mostly this question concerns men, however, modern families are often changing the paradigm and showing that sometimes a woman could be earning more and the family would still live in harmony.

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Despites the modern take on it, we’ve decided to take a look at the most traditional approach – man bringing home the bacon. When we conducted our research we’ve come across several surveys asking women the main question: “How much should a man earn before getting married?”

While most answers were obvious – the more the better, some women showed that they were willing to tie the know with a person who was not earning a lot under the condition he was hard working and ready to do anything for the family.

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Some of the respondents found this question offensive, saying that the most important issue is ‘love’, not ‘money’. However, if one takes a look at motivation that drives a person to getting married, the question of income would be perhaps one of the most important.

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People get married not only to spend more time together or to be living under the same roof. When two people get married they create a new family and commit to taking care of each other ‘till death do us part.’ So, how can you promise to provide and make the other person happy if your salary is not enough to rent a room for you two? Of course, it is great when parents can help a new family out. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to be helping your old folks instead?

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To find out what you think about this topic we would like to ask you the same question, please elaborate on why you think this or that amount would be good enough.


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