How Not To Become Embarrassed After Being Fired

03.01.2014 35

Almost every jobseeker had to deal with a rather unpleasant problem of job loss and layoff. The reasons are different and in most cases initiative comes from the employer. Often former employees start looking their own guilt for what happened and doubt their professionalism. 

However, it is worth noting that among the huge number of unemployed persons not all have been dismissed due to the lack of necessary knowledge and skills. Is it possible to get over the dismissal process with much fewer consequences and learn to resist the current circumstances?

Stop looking for mistakes

The first thing that the person begins to feel after job loss is the sense of frustration and disappointment. In a moment invariable rhythm of life is changed and many things are lost - work experience, professional reputation and stable salary. But do not start to introspect and look for mistakes that led to such a result. You can always find a way out and look for the positive aspects of this situation - perhaps it is a good chance to find the job of your dreams and build an excellent career.

Do not miss important details

Track correctness of dismissal procedures and require to be given all the necessary documents on the last working day. Remember to ask to issue other documents that you will need when searching for a new job (e.g. the recommendation, which contains brief information about the employee and his/her attitude to work).

Analyze previous work

Think and analyze your previous job - maybe the former place of work had many disadvantages and did not bring pleasure? For example, your former management or colleagues irritated you, the level of wages left much to be desired, and the scope of the assignments forced to work overtime or on weekends. Or very inconvenient location of the office took a lot of time and efforts to get there. Such a simple way helps recover more quickly after the dismissal and make worry less about the unfulfilled hopes and plans.

Form the requirements for the new post

If you decided to begin the search for another position immediately, it would be nice to form the list of requirements for a new job firstly. In particular, consider whether you want seek a similar post or try to realize yourself in the new field, which schedule would be most convenient for you, what level of salary would be appropriate for you.

Create or revise your resume - surely you have not updated it for a long time. Add necessary information in the section «Experience» - the name of the former company, previous job duties, skills, professional achievements.

Enjoy a favorite thing

One of the positive aspects of dismissal is the presence of a large amount of free time that can be used for the benefit of yourself. Perhaps you have a hobby which you completely abandoned but which may help you distract from negative thoughts and sometimes even become an additional source of income, especially if the person is talented and can boasts of excellent results of his/her activity.

Find the positive aspects

Dismissal is not a reason for depression or to waste time for unnecessary affairs. Occupy yourself with family affairs, read, finish to the end the things that you've always wanted to complete. Also you should have a rest to gather new strength, especially if you have not had a chance to get leave during the last six months in the previous workplace.

Plan your budget

Job loss can seriously hit the family budget, so it is desirable to plan your budget for at least the next two or three months. Try to economize and deny yourself of unnecessary purchases. Search for a new company for employment can be tightened for a long time and hardly any employer will give you the assurance that you will definitely be offered a post after watching resume or after passing the job interview. Do not forget that the competition in the labor market is huge and a large number of laid-off and unemployed professionals significantly reduce your chances for success.

Many psychologists recommend postponing 10% from the amount of each salary in the case of unexpected dismissal not to remain with nothing.

Ask for help to close people

Ask family and friends to support you in this difficult and stressful situation. Sometimes it is helpful just to talk and get support. Relatives can give you good advice and sometimes to help in finding a job (for example, offer your candidature to their employer or to recommend you to other friends).

Do not despair

If the searching a new job is so far been unsuccessful, do not despair or lose confidence in your own abilities. Use the resulting free time wisely and try to pull up your weaknesses (master computer programs, learn a foreign language, get a driver's license, etc.). Stay in a good mood for a positive development of the situation and it is quite possible that in a short time you will see great results.


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