How Putting Down Your Phone Will Solve All Your Relationship Problems

18.02.2016 5496

People of all ages are becoming more and more addicted to their smartphones, tablets, laptops. Think about how many times have you been trying to speak to someone, but he or she was looking on their smartphone or when you tried to have a conversation with a person who was staring blankly at their laptop? It’s rude, highly annoying and spreading across all members and areas of society.

But what would our relationships be like if we put away the phone and started paying attention to people? What if you were checking your smartphone only when alone? You should definitely try it yourself, because here is what we found out: putting away your phone can improve your relationships with everyone. Here is what will happen when you do it:

You'll Become A Role Model

Eye contact has always been and will be vital in speaking with people. We want to see another’s eyes. It not only means someone is paying attention, but allows for us to be able to read or gauge what someone else may be thinking or feeling. And when you stop checking you phone every second, and show more interest in the person you're speaking to - this person will do the same. Look, it's not a secret to anyone, that we use our phones too much. So when you put down yours, people will do the same because they will feel uncomfortable using it. You can easily do this by asking them some very basic questions such as where they work, where they may have gone to school, what hobbies they may have, or what sports they may enjoy.

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You'll Become More Likable

Don't tell anyone about your phone ban, believe me, no one will ask you why you're spending so little time starring on your phone. But at the same time everyone will notice the changes in you. If your smartphone is away, your eyes are on the person, and you are smiling and engaging them in conversation. You will be amazed at how people will become attracted to you. Putting away your phone makes people feel appreciated and respected. Because simply nodding, but looking at your phone when someone is trying to talk to you is not the best way to show someone your respect.

You'll Seem To Be More Trustworthy

You need to remove all distractions and give people your full attention to gain their trust. When meeting with a new prospect, customer, or stakeholder, put away your phone. Your ability to establish a trusting and high-quality relationship with this individual may be significantly improved by this one simple act. In fact, share the research cited above with your contact.

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Keeping your Blackberry or iPhone out of sight during the meeting is a great way to show engagement. If this is not possible, it may be better to postpone the meeting to such a time when a cellphone is not needed. Remember, keeping your smartphone out of reach and out of mind will keep your relationship goals within reach and top of mind.


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