How Social Media Can Cost You A Job

19.02.2016 8789

Whether you like it or not - but when you are already a candidate for a job, any HR will use internet to do research on you. The question is: are you on social media?

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that it’s easy to become careless with it, and when this happens it can have far reaching consequences and has at times even cost you your current job or a position you would like to land. Reports indicate that as many as 92% of employers use the internet to research candidates. Think what your profiles say about you. Because, your social media profiles can be the difference between getting hired and getting fired. If you're having doubts about the info employer can see in your profile, here are 5 ways social media can ruin your reputation and cost you the job you want:

You Are Too Negative

Any angry, negative thoughts, comments or strong opinions on subjective topics could reflect badly on you. Some online users aren't shy about making off-putting comments about anything and everything, including former co-workers, news, current job and politics. Since you never know who is reading what you write, it's important to use discretion when posting anything on social media, blogs or other online communities.

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If you are one of those who like to let of steam after a bad day at work - before posting that your boss is a jerk and your co-workers are arrogant and self-involved - think about who else might see your comments and posts. Even if it's true, badmouthing your colleagues and your manager will make you look not only unprofessional, but just bad. Remember, that what you say online is actually more public than in the real world, more easily spread and forever available to be used in evidence against you.


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