How To Adapt Yourself To New Work Environment

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Job change is a stressful situation not only for young professionals, but also for experienced and professional specialists. Always there are doubts - what if a new employee will not be able to find common ground with colleagues and to become a part of the team? What are to be done in order not to spoil the impression in the first working day? What adaptation rules are to be paid attention to create a positive image and build a good relationship with co-workers?

Keep the distance

Many people mistakenly believe that the best way to get along in a team is try to become friends immediately with someone from colleagues. However, it is not the right way - you can begin to be discussed actively and there is a high risk that such communication will end by the hostility. Keep the distance, but at the same time show respect and patience to each employee of the company.

Look closely - perhaps the company has its own culture and unspoken rules that should be taken and considered? Other workers will soon see it and appreciate your personal qualities. Do not neglect corporate holidays and other events - it helps know each other better.

Be in a positive mood

You should not be upset if you notice that the attitude of colleagues is not changing. This is not surprising because there has always been the ambiguous and cautious opinion about the newcomers, which eventually may change for the worse or better side. Demonstrate your friendly attitude and willingness to find a common language with colleagues.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

It is rather difficult for new employee to penetrate immediately into the work process, so he/she often makes stupid mistakes and gets into silly situations. That is why do not hesitate to ask questions in your colleagues. That concerns not only important working moments, but insignificant details - for example, where you can print the document or where there is an office of another staff member. In most cases, co-workers will help you and advise you how to proceed in a particular situation.

Be a good worker

Attitude to work is the important quality for which a new employee is estimated by other workers. Uncover all your best skills - professionalism, responsibility, teamwork and ability to learn from mistakes. Conscientious performance of job duties will gain respect in the team and create a good business reputation. It is likely that management can take an interest in your affairs (especially during the probationary period) and someone from colleagues will give a positive recommendation.

Accept advice

Many employees, especially those who have many years of experience, consider that their duty is to help every beginner. Listen to their advice carefully and quietly - perhaps some of them will seem really interesting and effective. In no case take such recommendations as criticism or doubt in your competence. It is better to thank for their help and promise to contact them in case of other issues.

Do not engage in conflicts

Even if you have become a witness of the conflict situation, do not rush to support someone or become an indispensable part of the discussion. Neutral position is the most correct variant of your behavior under these circumstances. Do not impose your opinion and do not criticize the actions of other colleagues, especially those who are highly respected. Watch the team and eventually you will realize whom you may ask the advice in the difficult moments and how to behave in the presence of other employees.

Beware of intrigue

Despite the fact that every team has its fans of gossip, the newcomer should not take an active participation in the discussion of management work or other colleagues as that will cause rather ambiguous reaction. Furthermore, the spreading of rumors contributes to the situation that in the nearest future you will find detractors and enemies that could adversely affect your career.

Do not talk too much

Do not tell a lot of personal information from your life - colleagues can find you too talkative. Answer the questions briefly but succinctly. For example, if your colleagues are interested in your marital status or the reason for the dismissal from the previous place of work, it is not necessary to recount the numerous relatives or complain about the former boss. Your restraint and at the same time openness will play the decent service for building relationships with the team.

Try not to impose

Try not show the importunity in the communicating with colleagues. In this case be patient, because all relationships are built gradually. Be polite and answer questions in a friendly tone. Do not be afraid to hold a conversation or offer help, especially if you see that a colleague needs support.

Respect the rules of the company

It is believed that the first impression is the most strongest. The professional image of a new employee is formed for a very short period of time and is rather difficult to be changed. Therefore, you should not neglect such important things like punctuality or compliance f the dress code. Try to come 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the working day. Consider what clothes is appropriate - in a team, where everyone wears suits, there is no place for t-shirts or jeans. Compliance with internal regulations of the company cause subconscious respect for your persona and your personal qualities.

Job change

Job change is the most crucial solution of the problem in case the relationships with the team do not change for a long period of time. Not everyone will be able to withstand conflicts, hostility and slanting views. It is unlikely that the negative atmosphere contribute to the efficient and comfortable work. But it is quite possible that things will go more successful in the other place of work and the new conditions will promote the achievement of career heights.


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