How To Avoid Social Media Danger And Use Them To Improve Your Career

07.03.2016 768

Who doesn't like to use social media? With them we can share our thoughts on Twitter with thousands of people, we can show how good are we as cooks or photographers on Instagram. And we can look up for anyone on Facebook. It's an easy way of killing time and entertain ourselves.

But not many people know how great social media can be for our careers if we use them right. Not only you can use them as an advertisement for your brand or product, but they also can help in landing a job or moving up the career ladder.

So here are 10 great ways you can use social media to become more successful at work.

Networking is Everything

This phrase may have been coined long before the rise of the internet, but it’s never been more relevant. People like familiarity and will often promote friends and family – whether they’re the best person for the job or not. So get yourself known. Studies show online networking can be just as effective as meeting someone at the gym or office.

Get To Know Your Bosses By Following Them

Following them on social media offers an interesting insight into the way they think, while providing you with unprecedented communication access. But be warned: think carefully about what you want to say before you comment and publically airing grievances is never a good career move.

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Convey Instant Availability

This can be especially useful at conferences or other company and industry get-togethers. The ability to tweet an instant meet-and-greet place and time can be a networking game-changer.


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