How To Choose The Right Employer

22.07.2013 183

The right choice of the employer is a complex and quite a common problem among job seekers of all ages. Everybody wants his/her professional qualities to be appreciated not only with compliments, but also with good financial reward.

It is very easy to get lost among the huge number of organizations that at first glance offer a good position and decent wage. Unfortunately, no one is insured from scammers and dishonest people. But how to choose the right employer? How to avoid mistakes if your resume has attracted the attention of several numbers of companies?

Firstly decide the criteria that the future employer must own. Select the priorities that are the most important for you: a stable salary, a wide range of duties, good conditions or location of the job.

Try to find some information about the employer in the Internet at special web-sites before the upcoming job interview. It really is a very important because you will be able to protect yourself not to lose valuable time and money.

Do not hesitate to ask questions during a job interview. A good employer is obliged to inform about the vacancy and to give comprehensive answers to all your questions. Do not be afraid to look too intrusive. It is a last chance to get to know information about the company and its directors. Ask about the wage level, responsibilities, perspectives and career growth opportunities. Some organizations provide their employees with special advantages – health insurance, compensation of mobile communication expenses etc. All these data may be useful and help you decide whether the employer is honest with respect to the announced work conditions. 

It is rather important to ask about the possibility of an official employment. Of course, it is a personal choice of the job seeker, but only in the case of legal official employment you will be able to rely on the government protection and require the employer to keep all obligations of the Labour Act. In other cases, if you are cheated or you are denied social guarantees, the court and law enforcement authorities will not be able to help you.

If you decided to accept the job offer insist on signing the employment contract, which involves all working conditions: the post, the work schedule, the date of adoption, the wage level, the additional premium. Read the internal rules and documents of the company.

The good employer must know the company products well and is ready to spend costs for the researches and developments. In addition, the company is to have a 5-year plan for the successful business development. If the employer aims to the future growth, it means that the organization has a purpose and a good financial position. Such an employer guarantees the stability and a possible career growth.

The Nigerian Labour Act does not provide the fixed period for the probationary period which is commonly practised in many companies. Remember that this period should also be specified in the employment contract. Avoid employers who refuse to pay for the probationary period as there is a big risk to be unemployed and not to be paid fairly earned money.

Conscientious employers always try to improve the skills of their employees. Be sure that the organization is willing to pay for further regular education and advanced training courses. This is an important point because the law is constantly changing, new acts, regulations and rules are set and approved, and some professions are not able to work effectively. Good employers always do their best to ensure that the staff provides the success for the company.

No good building without a good foundation. Find out some information about the founder members and Board members. Try to choose the company which is being run by famous leaders. This fact may help you stay safe and you will have more opportunities to work at the firm for a long time.

If it is possible take a closer look at the work environment of the company. Positive work environment may significantly affect the further career. In good environment you will be an essential part of the company where the staff including directors will appreciate and respect your mind. Nowadays such favourable work conditions are valued more than money.


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