How To Deal With A Co-Worker Who Hates You

14.12.2015 14323

We all want to think of ourselves as likable people, who are easy to work with. But even if it is true, no one can be a person everybody likes equally. So, when you begin to notice that a co-worker seems to detest you without any obvious reason it becomes a surprise. If someone avoids you, spread rumors about you, constantly disagrees with you, doesn't acknowledge your presence and you just feel he or she doesn't like you at all you can choose to either ignore your colleague or you can address your conflict and at least come to a compromise that you put aside your differences for the good of the company. To avoid drama use our tips on how to deal with a co-worker who doesn't like you.

Take A Deep Breath

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When first realize or get to know that someone hates us we can literally become obsess with it. Like what is their problem? You didn't do anything wrong so why would they dislike you? The best way to deal with it, is to ignore them, and keep doing your job. Focus on yourself, and your work rather than on people who dislike you. Take a deep breath and step back. It's not a productive use of time or energy, especially if you loop in other people. So, be professional and if you must trash talk, do it with non-coworkers outside of work. If you've gotten to the point where you're tirelessly irritated by a coworker, limit your interaction with them as much as possible.


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