How To Make Famous People Follow You on Twitter

27.06.2015 6896

You may think it's impossible to connect with influential people in your world. You know, the people who everyone respects and admire. Those who can help your career or just be great to know.

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But this new idea from Aja Frost from The Muse is quite brilliant. It's simple, and as you'll see, she proves it really does work. All you need is Twitter or Facebook, five minutes, and a list of people you'd love to really connect with. It only takes five minutes. It has an impressively high success rate. And the best part? It will work for anyone.

A Strategy

At first, you need to decide whose attention you want to attract. It might be influential people you admire, or your favourite autors, or bloggers. Then you want to Google their latest interviews and pick one. Next step is to look trough the interview for a great quote. Then you should paste that quote into a Pablo - a tool that allows you to overlay text onto pictures. It is very easy to use. After you download it, you want to post it on twitter and don't forget to add the username of the person you're quoting.


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