How To Make Money With Your Smartphone

06.07.2015 30725

Wouldn't it be great to earn money with just making photos with your smartphone? It's a lot easier than you think! Using these apps you can make $250 for a picture. All you need is an iPhone or Android device and a photographic eye. Here are the apps that will turn your creativity into cash:


Snapwire prides itself on being a photography site with one of the highest payouts. Snapwire is a platform for photographers of all experience levels to make money from their photos via specific requests from companies, profile galleries and Snapwire’s company challenges. Requests are the major component of Snapwire. From there, Snapwire photographers submit photos, and the company nominates then purchases one or several of them for their project. Snapwire is free to use, but they get a 30% cut of photographs sold.


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