How To Make People Respond To Your Email With This 2-Minute Trick

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Although, it is important to keep in touch with our acquaintances, it is often hard to do. Maybe, you've just been to a conference and made many new acquaintances and you're not sure what is the proper method to maintain contact? It's great to get to know interesting people, but you know what’s a less awesome feeling? Sending that initial “It was so great to meet you!” email and never hearing back. Or debatably worse, hearing back—but seeing the conversation fizzle within one back-and-forth exchange.

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Although, recently we've found out a little secret that will get you a lot of responses from everyone in your network and will only take two minutes of your time. It is really simple: send a relevant news article. You can write something like this:

Hi, Robert,

Long time no talk. I heard you've signed big client, and I wanted to say how am I happy for you! Anyway, recentlt I saw this story about young architect and his amazing project of a futuristic hotel in Alps. I know the last time we talked you were trying to spotlight more young, aspiring architects, and he seems perfect.

We should get together for coffee sometime!

Best wishes, Me

After you send 20 emails like this one, you will receive at least 15 responses!

But why? The thing is the best relationships are built through lots of small interactions over time, which is why random acts of kindness are so important. By showing people you’re genuinely interested in who they are (instead of just their job titles or roles), it opens the door to longer-lasting relationships.

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So, the next time you’re sending out a “Hey, just checking in” message, send something interesting from the internet, too. You’ll be doing yourself a quick and easy favor.

Be attentive, genuine, and kind, and you’ll be turning (almost) every new introduction into a meaningful contact in no time.


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