How To Meet Anyone You Want From Old Mate To President

04.02.2016 11841

For her new book "Getting There: A Book of Mentors", Gillian Zoe Segal - author, professional speaker and entrepreneur, was able to gain access to Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Anderson Cooper, Sara Blakely, John Paul DeJoria, Les Moonves, Kathy Ireland, etc. While the premise of the book is about mentorship, the background of her 5-year journey to meet the most powerful people in the world is what’s captivating.

But how did she initially contact them? How did she overcome the rejections? How did she turn her 10-minute meeting with Warren Buffet into a 60-minute meeting?

By authors own words it wasn't quick or easy. But she laid out below all her networking techniques -- a blueprint you can use for networking with your own “impossible” connections, whether they be potential employers,or partners for your business, investors, customers, or anyone else.

Understand The Lay Of The Land

Most of such people are extremely busy. Everyday they receive tons of requests for meetings, interviews, engagements, new business opportunities, charity functions and more. And they still have obligations with their careers, families, and personal lives. It's easy to understand that there are simply not enough time for them to say yes to everything. And they don't.

No matter how important your request might seem to you — if you are not famous or don't have a major offer, you will not be at the top of anyone's priority list, deal with it.


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