How To Resign Properly From Job

23.01.2014 59

Almost every jobseeker least once in life had to resign and start looking for a new job. Advantageous offer for cooperation, too small wages, slow career growth - these and other factors may cause a change of employer. However, among the large number of employees the question arises: how to resign from the job and not to harm the professional reputation and to preserve precious health and time?

Verify all the details of the new post

Discuss with the prospective employer all the details which may relate to your future post: the start date of cooperation, working conditions, professional responsibilities and other important nuances. Think carefully about the adopted proposal and if it is necessary weigh the pros and cons of both companies.

It is not worth talking about a new job to your future colleagues until you are completely confident in your own choice. This will help avoid unnecessary gossips and talk within the team, especially if circumstances change suddenly or you decide to abandon the proposed position.

Start by talking with the management

Many employees avoid the awkward conversation with the boss and postpone the discussion about the dismissal to the indeterminate moment. Nevertheless, the sooner your boss finds out about upcoming changes in the company, the better consequences the situations will have for you. First, the employer will be able to find an adequate worker and more carefully select the worthy candidate among a huge number of resumes. Remember that you should not delay the dialogue with management, especially if you told someone of the members of the collective about your plans.

Secondly, this step will help to maintain good professional relationships and simplify the very procedure of dismissal. Keep in mind that you might have to meet more than once with the previous colleagues in the future, especially if the new company is engaged in a similar field of activity.

Conversation with the boss should be private, so it is advisable to find the environment where your colleagues will not be able to get know about your plans. Try sincerely, but at the same time diplomatically to explain the reason of your leaving - for example, a more convenient location of the office of the new company or a higher level of wages will be quite clear and reasonable grounds for dismissal. Do not forget to thank the chief for the experience and knowledge gained in the company.

Complete unfinished matters

Be sure to complete unfinished projects and other affairs that can significantly complicate the life of a new employee. Leave your contact numbers in order to be contacted to find out the necessary details.

In the last working days do not neglect the direct work responsibilities and do not allow yourself to violate the internal regulations of the company. Honestly and efficiently perform your duties and not let yourself to commit rash acts (e.g. be late for work or do not follow the dress code). Be a responsible person - your professional skills will be evaluated by other colleagues.

Correctly say goodbye to your colleagues

Even if your company has not too friendly working atmosphere or you have had conflicts with some colleagues, resolve all the contradictions and disputes before you leave. Thank staff for joint cooperation and the work performed. Try to leave a positive impression of yourself after dismissal. Former colleagues are good connections which may be very useful in the future in order to resolve some of the issues and problems.

Do not neglect the important nuances 

Dismissal is a difficult and slightly troublesome affair, so you should always verify the correctness of the procedure. Always ensure that the terms of labor contract, especially those that relate to the item on the dismissal, have been fully implemented. The main rule is do not provoke conflict situations and always follow the regulations of the company.

Make a good resume

In case you do not already have new offers of cooperation from another employer, but you do decide resign from your job, do not forget to make a qualitative resume. Correct profile will significantly reduce the time of job search and attract the attention of more employers. Pay attention to the section "Additional Information" where you can specify your own skills, as well as other benefits - driving license, knowledge of a foreign language, etc. Check the availability of phone and e-mail addresses in order the employer had the opportunity to contact you.


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