How To Survive First Day At Work After Vacation

27.07.2015 165

Returning to work after vacation can be pretty overwhelming. It seems like the whole company didn't work since you've been gone, your inbox is full of messages you can't read at once, phone ringing all the time and you begin to think that vacation was a bad idea. Althought returning to the work routine might be stressful there are ways to make that day better. We have 6 simple tips that will help you to get through your first day back at work without loosing it.

#1 - Make A To-Do List

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First things first, and what you need to do is to prioritize tasks. A lot of them will probably float above your head the first day. You need to realize you can't do everything at once, so choose which must be done immediatly. When finishing one task after another you'll be feeling more confident about yourself.


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