How To Work Less And Get More Done

07.08.2015 12754

We all think that in order to get more done, we need to invest more time. But the truth is everyone has 24 hours and some work more effectively in the same amount of time. That is because they work smart instead of working hard. Your productivity drops when you are working more than 50 hours per week. So working more can damage not only your health, but your work as well. Successful people know than you need to find that perfect balance with your time, work and rest in order to be more productive.

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Although, it's not so easy to work less and accomplish more. You need to think outside the box and accept that the way you work now might not be the right way. Then you can use these tips on how to increase your productivity and find a perfect balance:

One Thing At A Time

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Do you still think multitasking is more efficient? Our brain can handle one thing at a time. When you have 5 different goals - you need to switch from one to another and it's easier to make a mistake. Not saying that when doing everything at once you're not putting enough effort in each of your tasks. And also, when we live in such rhythm of multitasking for a long time, our brain gets used to have a short attention span, and it's pretty hard to make it focus on one thing for a long period again. Create yourself a MIT(Most Important Task) list. It should be 1-3 tasks per day that are extremely important. When doing them focus on one at a time until it's done and then move on to the next. Stop yourself every time you feel the urge to check your inbox and get back to work.


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