How to Convince an Employer to Hire You

28.07.2015 41570

Starting something new is always scary. Whether you are just starting your career or decided to switch you field of work - you have to convince an employer that even though you have little to no experience in the new field, you deserve to get the job. When a market is competitive, how should convince your employer that you are the best candidate for the job? And why should they hire you, if they have tons of candidates who are more qualified and experienced than you are?

You see, learning how to market yourself is a critical life skill necessary to develop to achieve your career vision. And here are 4 universal tips for the people who are changing careers or starting a new one:

Do Not Focus On Your Lack Of Experience

To convince the hiring manager to hire you, youdon't actually need toconvince them. You need to show that you are a perfect fit for this job. So don't even think about saying anything about your lack of skills! Don't try to sell them on everything you have done in the past. Focus on the skills that you bring to this position that will enable you to succeed. Do you have unique skills for this role? Why should they hire you? Remember to focus on your strenghts, not your weaknesses.


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