How to Get New Job After 40

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Despite the fact that many specialists aged over 40 can boast of the accumulated valuable knowledge, experience and skills, a lot of employers do not always desire to hire them. Increasingly, the vacancies with the age limitation for the job seekers are published (usually up to 35 years). Is it possible to convince the employer that the number of years is not a barrier, but rather an advantage?

Believe in a positive result

Many job seekers consider that the age of 35-40 years is the period when it is impossible to find a good post with a decent salary. However, it is the most common mistake that can prevent moving in the right direction. Positive attitude helps to feel more sure and confident. 

Try to find those advantages which will play a crucial role in the comparison with the candidates of younger age – for example, professionalism, many years of experience, reliability, resistance to stress, ability to make decisions quickly in case of the sudden appearance of problems and unexpected working situations.

Reconsider your CV

Resume is the self-presentation of the future employee which helps the employer to determine the choice of the right candidate. However, when compiling it, try to focus not on the experience, but rather on those areas that are the most similar to the desired position (for example, describe in detail the activity in the field of management while omitting unnecessary details). Such a resume can open your strong qualities and highlight the professional achievements. Also do not forget to write data about passed advanced training courses and certificates of additional education.

Provide only the accurate and truthful information, in any case do not understate your real age – the deception will be revealed and it threatens bad reputation and the loss of the opportunity to get a job. Always check the correctness and availability of electronic and telephone contacts.

Increase your own qualification

Continuous professional development is an integral part of the profession for not only young specialists, but also for the older job seekers. Regularly attend seminars and training courses - that will help to get new practical knowledge and be aware of all the changes in the normative acts and legislation.

The ability to use a computer is rather important for a large number of the employers, so if you have not mastered the skill yet, it is necessary to fill this gap immediately. Do not neglect this requirement, because modern technology is widely used in almost all areas. Moreover, some managers can check your computer skills (for example, to conduct the job interview using Skype).

Pay attention to the appearance

Consider the specifics of the company and the presence of a dress code when choosing clothes for a job interview with an employer. If you are afraid of miscalculating, a classic office style will always be suitable (e.g. the costume for men; women may prefer pants or a skirt below the knee). When choosing a fragrance avoid strong scents. A neat haircut and clean closed shoes is the required rule for all ages. 

Pay attention to the quality of the fabric. For example, if you are applying for a management position, prefer stylish and more expensive style of clothing. In any case, the clothes should not be frayed and rumpled. Discard the bright colors and inappropriate accessories.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

Surely, after years of work you still have good contacts and communications with former employees. Try to contact them and ask for help in finding a job. Often, it gives good results - for example, a colleague will recommend you as an excellent specialist to the managers and friends. There are other situations - a former co-worker can start his/her own business and to invite you to a vacant position.

Do not forget to prepare for the interview

Prepare for the interview carefully – think over answers to the questions, gather the necessary documents. Do not be afraid to tell about your best sides, present yourself as a good professional. Think about the items that should be discussed with the director (for example, work schedule, working hours, the order of registration on job or career opportunities). The employers like the job seekers who are interested in their job, and the candidate, in turn, recognizes the necessary details of the desired position.

Choose the appropriate post

Older job seekers often stop their choice on the unpromising position with a little salary. The selection of an unsuitable work not only spoils the resume of the applicant, but also significantly lowers self-esteem. Do not be afraid to respond to the jobs that are similar to the previous post or provide the leadership position. Many employers more value accumulated skills, knowledge, endurance, organizational skills and professional experience rather than the ambition and creativity of the young generation.

Try to change the field of activity

If you still comprehended by failure and the employers routinely denied you because of age, you can use an alternative way to solve the problem - change your field of activity. For those who desire to obtain new knowledge the most suitable variant are the professional retraining courses or an additional higher education. The number of years is often not an obstacle to the professions of a lawyer, realtor, accountant, journalist or HR-manager.


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