How to Get Through Probation Period

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Probationary period is a rather difficult time for a new employee of the company. Despite the fact that the person has passed the job interview successfully, each newcomer faces complicated tasks. During this short period it is necessary not only to show his/her best qualities, but also to assess the organization, its leaders and the prospects for further career growth.

The Nigerian Labour Act does not provide for a probationary period. However, the Act provides the employer to give to the worker a statement detailing terms and conditions of the agreement within three months after the beginning of the employment. 

Show your professional skills

Be prepared that the company may establish quite demanding working conditions. In such a way, the management will try to understand how many assignments a new employee can perform and how he/she behaves in a stressful situation. It is important for the employee not to get lost and show the most excellent professional qualities and skills. The best variant is to demonstrate high working capacity and readiness to perform complex tasks.

Sometimes, however, the employer chooses a completely different type of checking – the complete absence of duties and responsibilities. In this case, do not relax, but try to take the initiative from the first working day.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions. For a beginner it is acceptable to ask about all the nuances of the work in the first half of the probationary period. Such actions will help to understand whether you are performing your duties properly, which failures are to be rectified and how to organize your workday. The employer will be able to evaluate your interest and desire to learn and develop.

Try to join the team

The first working day is a huge stress which must be overcome with dignity. It is important not be mistaken and to make a good impression, which will help to feel comfortable among colleagues in the future. In order to enter into the team properly, try to follow a few simple rules:

  • Observe the behaviour of workers and events that are happening around you. Due to this information you can decide how to behave   and will be able to select a few people to whom you can consult in case of difficult situations.
  • Practically any team divides into groups every of which has its own opinion and certain views. Do not rush to join a coalition immediately, even if one of the employees shows friendliness and tries to help in all affairs. It's better to talk and learn more about people. Do not make a bad opinion about yourself, because workers can decide what you are an easily influenced person.
  • Introduce yourself. As a rule, people are always interested in the personal information of a new employee, so unobtrusively share some facts from your life (such as previous jobs, marital status etc.). This will help to avoid unnecessary rumours and show that you are ready for communication.
  • Be friendly and do not be afraid to ask for help. This is not a situation where modesty may help. Moreover, the collective can decide that your taciturnity is a sign of disrespect and arrogance.
  • Do not reject or criticize the habits of society. For example, if employees are going to congratulate their colleague on his/her birthday, do not stay away and offer your help. Workers will appreciate it and you will become the part of a team insensibly.

Follow the rules and regulations

Ask the management to explain your duties in detail. In addition, the company must familiarize you with the duty regulations. Study them carefully to prevent future abuses or do not get into an absurd situation. If a colleague asks to do some work, you may agree but warn that you are going to help once because of the availability of free time.

Be responsible

The surest way to spoil the impression about yourself is being late on the first working day. In any case, avoid such situations. Moreover, come 15-20 minutes earlier before the scheduled time to calm down and to get used to the workplace.

Pay all your attention to the work. The director will not like if you regularly spend time on the Internet or in social networks. Do your best to ensure that the employer formed a positive opinion about your professional qualities and skills.

The probationary period is a great opportunity to understand not only whether you are a suitable worker for the organization, but also to decide whether you like this place of work. It is a good experience for a new employee that will help understand if he/she is able to cope with problems and mistakes and what personal qualities are to be developed to achieve success in a career.

Pay close attention to the execution of documents and require formal employment. Read the internal regulations and documents where the conditions for receiving awards, bonuses or fine are defined. The contract must occlude such clauses: date of employment, duration of the probationary period, the level of wages, obligations of the parties, schedule, working hours and rest, other indications according to the company.

Remember that the probationary period is to be paid and the requirement to perform the work free of charge is a possible sign of a scammer or dishonest employer. Avoid such organizations if you respect and value your time.


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