How to Look Busy Being on Break

21.01.2015 80

You know a workaholic when you see one. Indeed, some people are having a bad time relaxing at work as they are really scared of getting fired for seen surfing facebook or reading a newspaper in the office hours. 

However, it may seem a surprise for you, but all the employers know that in a 9 hour working day, there are 5-6 hours of productive time. All the rest is used in getting ready while moving from one task to the other, having a break and researching. 

Indeed, when you had a lot of tasks to do, you should keep in mind that a small break will help you work better, improve your concentration and boost up your results. 

Here is the list of ways you can have a break while looking busy and not attracting too much attention. 

Type more

The number one thing that will help you look busy at all times is typing. You may be writing e-mails to your friends that will help you network a bit more and develop useful professional connections.

Yes, it is true for most office workers and it will surely not attract attention of your co-workers. However, you should keep in mind that if you are a web-designer and supposed to work the whole day with your mouse, the sound of you typing a lot will tell everyone that you are having a long chat with your friends. You may instead look through news sites and check what’s going on in the world. 

This technique won’t also work if you are a sales representative and are supposed to be on the phone for the whole day making sales. 

All in all, keep in mind the tasks you are supposed to do when you have them and make use of these tactics. 

Take a notebook with you

When you are on your way to your colleagues in the other room, or are going to get a cup of coffee make sure you take your notepad and a pen everywhere you go. It may seem strange, especially if you do not need one for having a cup of coffee, still no one in the office will think you are having too much of a break when you must have something very important to do. 

Make calls

When you have the time, take the chance to make those important calls you have been postponing for a day or two. If you are in sales, here is your chance to catch up with your clients and make some new connections over the phone. Make sure you check if the time is right and  the person you are calling is ready to talk to you for a couple of minutes. To have the best use of your calls, make a list of people you should call and write down one or two things you wanted to ask about. Take your notepad and a pen with you when making calls – this will keep you organized, make sure you do not forget anything and will make an impression of a very busy and organized person. 

Go faster

When you have a matter you want to discuss with your colleague, or want to have some water or coffee, it will be a good idea to walk a little bit faster than usual. True, when your colleagues see you walking slow, everyone will think you are having a break and have nothing important to do.

 Increase your pace, take the notepad or a work-related book with you and you will always look like you’re up to something very important even if you are just going on a coffee break. 


Know what is expected of you at the end of the day. Always keep in mind that is you want to keep the job you should do the work required. 

If you have your job done in time and it is done well, nobody will ever think of getting you fired for doing something else or having too many  coffee breaks. This is true, as once we had a copywriter in our staff who managed to write twice the number of articles required (impeccable quality btw) and still managed to be watching “Friends” at the same time. This is a rare quality, however remember not to forget what you are paid for. 


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