How to Make People Like You: 5 Easy Steps

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One way or another we all seek for approval. Even if you think you don't - you do. Approval and sympathy help us to move forward in many aspects of our lives. If people like you - it's easier to work and communicate. But not all of us are talkative and naturally charismatic. And they say that you cannot force someone to like you. Well, maybe you can't but you can work on yourself instead. Thanks to our easy tips you can become the most well-liked person in the room.


What does the smile mean? It means that you are happy. If you're saying "hi" to someone with a big, sinciere smile on your face - this person fairly thinks that you're happy to see him/her. Smile is a message of pleasure and happiness you are sending to everyone including yourself. And tell me: have you ever seen a forever-grumpy person that everyone liked? I don't think so!Positivity and happiness are universally attractive and liked. A simple smile to one of your co-workers can make his/her day. So don't underestimate this powerful weapon.

Pay attention

This may sound a little weird, although it's true. People are very interested in themselves and if you take the time to notice they love to talk about themselves. All you have to do is be interested in them. Be genuinely interested in the other person, and for those few minutes make them the only attention in your life. This doesn't mean you shouldn't take part in a conversation - ask questions, show some interest, no one likes to talk to a plant.

Ask for help


Well, we already know that people like to talk about themselves, but there is one more thing that every person likes and does: people LOVE giving advice. If you want someone to like you - ask him/her for an advice. You think it should be in reverse but it's not.This is known as the Benjamin Franklin effect, after Franklin’s legendary technique for turning his bitterest rivals into his closest friends. By asking a stranger for their help – getting some advice to settle a disagreement, wanting to know where they got those boots, what they think about the brand of phone they’re using – we’re asking them to do something nice for us. Since doing nice things for people usually means we like them, it follows that they must like us because they’re doing us a favor.

Your body language

A half of any conversation is done through body language. Without noticing it, other people pick up signals that you send through your body. Remember the smile thing? Also, when you are talking to someone do not distract on you smartphone, or tv or anything else. Avoid the unconscious body language that signals boredom or disinterest. Crossing your arms at your chest tells other people that you're bored and don't want to be talked to. This might seem small but it makes a big difference and makes the other person feel that you care. So for example rather than just saying yes you should nod your head, smile, and use the rest of your body to show your approval.

Look good

For some strange reason most people associate likeability and attraction with physical appearances. These people have it all wrong. While physical appearances do play a role in likeability it is a tiny one and when you get down to it, it is your personality and behavior that really make a difference. But still, need to look open, honest, natural, friendly, outgoing and clean.Be clean and have good hygiene. Having shampooed hair, kept nails, clean teeth, and fresh-smelling pits really makes you more appealing to the people around you. Guys, if you choose to wear facial hair, that doesn't mean you don't have to groom it.

These tips and tricks may sound simple and even stupid, but they work as good as magical. Use them wisely, they can be very powerful. Do not try to be someone else - you are awesome the way you are, and those tips will help you bring it to others people knowledge. And before you know it, that person’s going to look up and realize that they feel like they’ve known you for years… even though you’ve only just met.


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