How to Reduce Conflicts At Work

11.02.2014 74

Despite the fact that conflicts are inevitable and occur in each working team, sometimes they can cause constant and severe psychological stress within the team. It's no secret that a large number of employers and employees of companies are trying to do everything possible to avoid such situations.

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However, whether there are the ways that might reduce the occurrence of controversial issues and misunderstandings?

Conflicts are a fairly common situation among company workers, but sometimes it can cause unfavorable and stressful atmosphere in the team.

Do not ignore conflict

Figuring out the causes of misunderstanding is a very important moment in the way of solving the conflict. Nevertheless, many employees prefer to ignore the problem assuming that it is the most peaceful and loyal way out. Try to meet the requirements of the colleague and to do everything possible in order not to hurt your professional reputation and career.

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Explain the problem properly

If you do decide to find a peaceful resolution of the conflict, remember the main rule - never offend and insult your colleagues. It is unlikely the conversation to be productive, if you begin to discuss the personal qualities of the employee within the dialogue.

Explain that you want to change the situation for the better, and if it is possible, tell about the likely consequences of such contradictions. Be patient and talk in a calm tone. If a colleague really values the work, you can be confident in a positive solution of the problem.

Do not ignore the misunderstandings and try to find a compromise in conflict situations - it will help to build good relationships with colleagues. Try to hold a conversation with a colleague and find points of contention, however, make sure that the dialogue does not turn into a quarrel with the personal insults.

Solve conflicts without delay

One of the most important steps to avoid conflict situations as much as possible is to solve the problem immediately after its occurrence. Every minute, every day can significantly damage the relationships, because negative emotions and thoughts, which are accumulated, can break into a big brawl.

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Select the appropriate moment

Choose the right moment to hold a conversation with a colleague. The most suitable variant is when you really are in a calm state of mind and have enough time for a constructive dialogue. For example, you can tell your colleague about the reasons of your dissatisfaction or why you consider his/her behavior to be unacceptable. Always give your interlocutors the opportunity to explain their position or to apologize.

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Try to solve disputable work situations as soon as possible not to escalate the psychological atmosphere in the team. It is better to choose the moment to talk when you are in a relaxed environment and have time to listen to the position or claims of your colleagues.

Become part of a team

Have you ever thought that sometimes alienation from the team and unwillingness to be a team player can provoke conflict situations, even if the reason for this is the banal incompatibility of characters? Nevertheless, it might bring serious damage to your career in the company. Why? There are several reasons:

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• One of the main tasks of employers is to get and increase revenue for the company. This goal is almost impossible to achieve without a good team of employees who could work harmoniously with each other, and where the results of the team are appreciated more than own preferences.

• Ability to work with people is one of the most desired qualities of a true professional despite the fact that it is difficult to find a common language with people with different views, goals, ambitions and experience.

• In most cases, success and career growth are achieved by precisely those employees who were the first not only in their field, but also managed to occupy a niche of team leader

Do your best to put professional goals higher than your own preferences. It will help become the part of the team, reduce the number of conflicts and achieve success in the career field.



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