How to Work All Night Long

05.01.2015 118

Occasionally some of us have to work at night. Service-desk officers, IT-helpdesk, duty officers, night security, wait staff, police, medical staff etc. All of these employees have to be on duty all night long. So here we have some simple and useful tips, how to help yourself if you have to work at night shift.

1. Caffeine

The banalest advice in our list. Caffeine begins to work in 20 minutes after you drink your cup of coffee, tea or eat a chocolate bar. It stimulates your mind and keeps your body in tone. But it also has its own reverse side of the coin. Too much caffeine will make you groggy and you fall asleep. Also, those who has troubles with heart have to avoid caffeine drinks and stimulators.

2. Chewing gum

Simple and useful advice. When you chew - you cheat with your brain. Chewing movements signal to the brain that it should digest food. So it secretes insulin that makes you feel in tone.

3. Protein

You should eat food enriched with protein. Eggs, nuts, meat also vegetables and fruits. It is important to eat every two-three hours. Avoid sugar, because it makes you weaker and can cause sleepiness. Drink water. When your organism is desiccated, you find yourself tired and weak.

4. Fresh air

Open the windows, take a breath of fresh air, turn on air conditioner or fan. Warm and stuffy spaces arise sensation of fatigue, but fresh and cold air will cheer you up enough.

5. Physical activity

Jump, squat, make some push-ups. Any exercises with you body will help to enlarge oxygen supply of your brain and give your additional energy. The best variant - a quick walk for 15 minutes, it could give you energy for two working hours.

6. Washing-up

Bathe face with cold water. It will cool your body. It is useful when it's too hot in the street and when you need to ease the headache caused by high temperature in the room.

7. Music

Listen to music. Usually, music evokes strong emotional response. Loud, melodious, rhythmic music is one the best ways to keep your mind in sleepless activity. Also, it could be unknown and rude music to make your brain work - unknown and rude sounds turn on your attention.

8. Light

Switch on a great light. You can trick your inner clock switching on all lights in your room. Most of the rhythms in your body react to light, when level of illumination is low your body thinks that it's time to sleep.

9. Internet

Watch some funny videos, read some news. Change your activity. Make some argues in discussions on forums. It will energize your brain and emotion injection will encourage your sleepless activity.


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