How to create effective job posting

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It is not an easy thing to create effective job description. The format and style of writing may sufficiently differ regarding the interests of particular employer. As the demand for specialized and talented candidates in Nigeria increases in recent years, writing a standout job description is very important step in attracting the right job seekers to join your company.

Welcome to Job.Naij, where all recruiters in Africa may receive useful advices on how to write job description. First of all you should learn the basic elements of structure of a good job description. They include:

  • Job title
  • Job summary
  • Key responsibilities
  • Required job skills
  • Company overview
  • Career overview
  • Location
  • Type of employment

Job title

Title is a first step in writing effective job description. It should clearly reflect the work that employee will perform. Don’t make title too long; it must be understandable for job finders. Note that job title in your organization should correspond to similar one in Naija’s industry.

Job summary

It provides the primary overview of position and its main responsibilities. Note that job summary should be short – from one to three sentences. There is no need to write long compositions here.

Key responsibilities

This paragraph must reflect the essential functions a candidate will perform. They should be listed in order of their importance. General amount is 7-10 responsibilities depending on the position and company’s demands. Be honest while describing the main job tasks and what percentage of the employee’s time will be spent on each one. It will help candidate to make an idea about how his typical working day will look like.

Required job skills

In this item you may outline minimum knowledge, professional skills and abilities that are required to perform job. This list usually includes education level, licenses, job experience, communication skills, technical proficiencies, some other certifications, etc. Remember that it is important to indicate why each requirement is needed to perform job. In some cases it is necessary for employer to describe physical requirements for a candidate, because particular types of jobs intend lifting heavy objects or having excellent eyesight.

Company overview

This section of job description is rather important for potential applicants, because it gives great opportunity to get more essential details about hiring company. If a recruiter is open to publicizing position’s salary level and benefits, such as vacation days, medical insurance, etc, he may include this information in his job description. This will make company’s job opening more attractive among the majority of similar postings in Naija.

Career overview

While searching for jobs in Nigeria, job seekers want to know what benefits a company may propose to them. It is common thing that applicants are interested in professional growth and job opportunities with high salaries. For this reason it is sufficient for recruiters to point out career overview in order to attract really talented candidates to join their team.


In this paragraph recruiter must indicate details on where exactly in Nigeria a job position is located. For example, if an applicant is searching for a job in Lagos, it is important for him to know whether there exists possibility to relocate. One more note is that if travel is necessary, employer should indicate what percentage of time a person will spend traveling and where he or she will travel.

Type of employment

Here an employer should note whether a position is full-time or part-time. In case it is an internship, specify whether it will be paid or unpaid.

Visit Job.Naij and make sure that with our site writing an effective job description is not as difficult as you may think before. Our mission is to provide all Nigerians with practical advices on job hunting and career management. We offer advanced conditions of careers online service in order to simplify in full difficult and often exhausting process of recruitment. Job.Naij is striving to help employers in Naija in their search for the best candidates.


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