International Celebrity Akon Lighting Nigeria

11.02.2015 73

It is with great pleasure to see celebrities committed to noble causes in particular in favour of the Black continent. The American singer of Senegalese origin, Akon has for ambition to put solar energy in one million households in Africa by the end of the year, through the project “Akon Lighting Africa“, launched in middle April,2014.

Brought up in both countries, the singer declared that he was “affected” having seen people on the continent without electricity.

In this spring of solidarity, Akon is using his own means to finance all the project.

How can you build an infrastructure without lights?

- he wondered in an interview.

Without electricity, you cannot even run machines to build roads or bridges. … It is what created the initiative.

- supported the music star.

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The project thus aims at installing solar equipments in households to improve energy smugness. He is in partnership with Give1 project, ADS Global Limited Corporation and companies of public – private solar energy. He also met Heads of government on the project in Senegal, Gambia, Ivory Coast and other countries.

I saw what a simple light is doing to these people.

- he said.

It was as a big party when this lighting switch was touched. Now, children can study during night. It is a luxury and it affected me.

- asserted Akon.

It is very desirable that others music and movie stars inject their million euros in humanitarian aids to take the continent out of the yoke of poverty.

The Afro American music star, Akon, continues his tour in Africa countries within the framework of his electrification in Africa project, “Akon lighting Africa” that he undertook 10 months ago in 10 African countries.

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The singer has stayed in Benin since Tuesday, 28th October. He was welcomed at the Cardinal Bernardin Gantin International Aairport by a crowd of young people of Give1Project world network.

Pointing the reason of his visit, he reminded to the Beninese authorities that he aspires to bring electricity to 1 million households in Africa.

He thus proceeded to the reception of material installed in the village of Avlo, Benin where the testing of the project started.

The artist seized the opportunity to exchange with the Beninese youth in the framework of development of the country mainly the role that is theirs in order to be able to take over.

Akon will also be received on television channels in order to explain the project as well as his dreams for Africa and its youth.


Source: Africa Top Success


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