Interview Questions You Should Never Ask At The End Of Conversation

18.01.2016 34014

The last part of any job interview is the one where the interviewer asks you: “Are there any questions you’d like to ask me?”. But a lot of people think that this question, as much as this whole part of the interview. Although you might think it's just a formality - it's not. Even if you think you've already aced the interview and impressed your future boss, this interview section can still play a huge part in you getting a job. Even though the worst question of all is the one you never ask, there are at least four questions that you should never ever ask — plus what to say instead if you actually need more information to gauge the company.

What Not To Ask: 'Is Your Turnover Rate Close To Zero?'

I guess, every job-seeker wants to know how many employees leave the company each year, whether they leave by they own wish or get fired. High turnover rate can mean that company has issues. And if the turnover rate is low, odds are it’s a good place to work. But this questions is one of those that make recruiters seethe.

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How To Rephrase: How long have you been with the company?

This question is absolutely neutral and has no chances to offend anybody. But by asking it you will understand how long your future co-workers are working on their positions.


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