Interview questions: Is there anything that you’d like to know about company?

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Toward the end of the interview, hiring managers will ask some version of, “Do you have any questions for me?” Your answer is ALWAYS going to be “yes.” You always want to have a list of questions to ask in the interview. If you don’t have any, it makes you look like you’re not that interested in the role.

Here are some examples of great questions to ask...

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Why is the position open?

Either the person before you failed so miserably at the role they were fired (in which case you want to know so you don’t make the same mistakes), or they were so good at it they got promoted (in which case you want to know so you can see what worked and get a head start on being successful yourself). Or maybe the company is growing, so they’ve created this new role to deal with that. The answer you get will tell you a lot about what’s going on.

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When do you want to have it filled?

A few candidates will be afraid to ask this question, but don’t be. It is not too bold. You’re just getting information that will help you be professional in your follow up. After you send your thank you note, you need to know when you should be calling to check on the status of the job. You need a timeline so you’re not left hanging, wondering what’s going on. Hopefully, you’re following several job leads and have lots of interviews scheduled. You don’t want to turn something else down because you’re waiting on this one.

How does this role fit as a part of the whole of the company?

This is a great way to find out about advancement opportunities without coming right out and asking about them. And you can find out about what other departments you’ll be working with. It might uncover some company culture or organizational issues you need to know before you start.

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Where did the person who was in this role before go?

Were they promoted? Where were they promoted to? Is that the advancement track the company generally follows? Do they like to promote from within? All this is great information for you.

Were they fired? Why were they fired? Is there something they did or tried that should be a warning for you?

What is it you like about the company? (Alternative questions: What do you find most impressive about the company? Why do you like working here?)

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The answer you get from this question should uncover a lot about the corporate culture, and whether this organization is a good fit for you. It might even uncover some perks that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise….like maybe there’s an on-site gym or childcare, or maybe there are stock options you didn’t know about that would have an effect on your salary negotiations later.

P.S.: Really, I hope you ask questions all the way through the interview, as part of a give-and-take conversation. It’s more relaxed, it builds better rapport with the interviewer…it’s just all-around better for you.


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