Interview questions: Why Have You Leaved Your Job?

08.06.2016 50812

Unless you’ve never worked a day in your life you’ll need to be able to talk about why you left your last job and/or why you want to leave your current position. It will definitely appear on your next interview. Whether you were fired or leaved your job by your own desire review these suggestions on how best to answer and tailor your response to meet your particular situation.

Potential employers will ALWAYS want to know why you’re thinking about bailing on your current gig. There are many good reasons to leave a position — some that should be discussed in a job interview and some that absolutely should not. Here is the list of possible reasons you might be searching for a job and how to make them appropriate:

 You want to earn more

Who doesn't want to earn more money? And changing a job may be the best way to boost your earnings. Use that to your advantage in negotiations. Here is how to translate it:

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“I had learned everything I could in that job so I decided to take a little time off and focus on my next adventure.” or

"I am seeking a position with a stable company with room for growth and opportunity for advancement."


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