Kaizen: 5 principles of Japanese management model

18.11.2014 29

Japanese is a very consecutive nation. Even if you work as the janitor, you shouldn't complain of destiny, but you have to bring the skills of work to perfection.They do not jump from one job to another in searching of ideal, but they could make dream work of any work.

All things are in concept.

Kaizen — Japanese philosophy or practice which is focused on continuous improvement of production processes, development, auxiliary business processes and management, and also all aspects of life.

Kaizen consists of five key elements namely "5S":

  • Seiri — accuracy

  • Seiton — order

  • Seiso — purity

  • Seiketsu — standartization

  • Shitsuke — discipline


These principles can be arranged both for work and life.

After the end of World War II exactly thanks to the application of this concept many Japanese companies including Toyota, was succeeded to be quickly restored and overtake lost capacities.



If you decided to apply 5 Kaizen principles, then these 5 points must take the main place directly before you and become a basis of your work.

1. Assortment

You have to sit down and make the list of things you want to improve and things prevent you to work more effectively.This principle says that you shouldn't carry out anything superfluous, and you haven't to do someone else's job.What doesn't relate to your main work? What part can be reduced to a minimum? What could be delegated?

Think that could be superfluous, and get rid of it. Also think about simple changes that can be made to working process. The ocean consists of drops, Global Changes begin from small changes.

2. Order setup

After you rejected all superfluous, you can order your work process, having built things in a necessary order. It will be good for some first weeks you conduct something like a working diary in which you will write down the accomplished things, note their priority and amount of time spent on their performance.

3. Cleaning

After the end of the working day don't forget to clean the office table and put everything on the places. To find the necessary things and documents it is much simpler when everything lie where has to.The order needs to be not only on your office table, but also in your head. Then you have to take a look in your working diary, sum up the results, bring necessary notes and forget about work when you appear behind a threshold of your office. Because the next morning you have to come to work with the clear mind and fresh thoughts. So you have more than chances to find new interesting and fresh solution.

4. Standardization

After you got rid of things which performance doesn't belong to your duties, built the working process and regulated everything not only on a workplace, but also in your head, its time to make it systematical. It means that every morning you have to carry out everything according to this scheme. Obey it, and you will see results.

5. Keep practicing

When the first 4 processes are carried out, they become a new way of work for you.You have to adhere the planned way and do not go back to old habits and methods. Thinking about new method, you, most likely, will think what changes can be made for efficiency increase. And thus you will reconsider again and again the first 4 aspects, making changes to process. Thus, you constantly improve methods of the work. And it is a right way, because a main objective of Kaizen is constant and incessant perfection.



These «5S» you can use for any other aspect of your life. For example, you want to start the healthy way of life.

    First «S».

You sit down, divide a sheet of paper into two parts and write down everything in the first column that disturbs you and in the second — that helps.

    Second «S».

After definition of all positive and negative moments, you make yourself the schedule which includes all useful (walking in the park, foot walk during the lunchtime etc.). Except drawing up "the schedule of health", you can simply make the list of things you have to start doing. For example, make yourself the schedule of decrease eating of junk food and increasing of useful products in the day diet. It is necessary to do it gradually, or your organism will revolt demanding a dose of sugar and simple carbohydrates which he got used.

    Third «S».

Maintenance of purity and order is very important. It applies to your work and life. As in the cluttered-up room man loses its mind strength and spirit. Cleaning can be turned into the initial stage of physical exercises or made to a meditative process when it is necessary to concentrate only on physical actions and completely clear the head of thoughts.

    Fourth «S».

And now it's time to turn all changes into a system. Simply adhere to the created schedule and it will become your way of life.

    Fifth «S».

Watch yourself and get rid of temptations of returning to former easier life. First the healthy lifestyle is given hard because around there are so many temptations, and it's difficult to keep. Also improve yourself, finding all new and new ways to make your life better.Kaizen can be arranged for everything. The main thing is following the basic rules — get rid of unnecessary, build system and constantly improving it!


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