Killer Answers For 'Why do you want this job?'

30.06.2016 14818

If you are prepared for the interview, you absolutely know this question is coming.

Whether or not you answer it well though depends on your approach. If a job-seeker’s answer were “Because I just need a job, and I don’t care which one” we couldn’t expect a manager to be excited about that.

Give a good answer on this one and you set yourself up for a great interview. If you give a lousy response though, you may have already blown your chances of success!

Find Your Best Reasons

The beauty of this question is that you aren’t limited to one reason. This isn’t a yes or no question and no interviewer will cap you at one reason. In fact, you’re expected to give a multifaceted (yet concise) answer.

When crafting your response, think about the how “Why do you want this job?” is phrased. The number of reasons aren’t specified, which allows you to cherry pick the best reasons when selling yourself as a candidate. Some of the best answers to emphasize include:

  • Your love of the industry
  • Your desire for new challenges
  • Your drive to become a leader
  • The company’s reputation
  • The company’s environment

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What you should avoid:

  • An increased salary
  • A laundry list of benefits

Additionally, you want to show off your research on the company. Integrating the various awards, industry accomplishments, work atmosphere, and company history into your response shows that you are proactive and eager to learn from the start.


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