Learn Foreign Language For Free With These Online Resourses

09.11.2015 6397

Learning a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a serious confidence booster. Fortunately, gone are the days where the only way to learn a second language was to either become stranded in a foreign country or go back to high school language classes. There are now several different online lessons and tutorials to help you become proficient in the language of your choice, which also are free to use:


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Duolingo has also been recognized as the Best App for 2013 by both the Google Play Store and the AppStore. It works similar to a game wherein users receive experience points for every correct answer. They are also given an in-game currency called Lingots that can be used to get items from Duolingo's virtual store. It a great way to build vocabulary and learn some basic grammar, and the gamification of the language-learning process incentivizes frequent practice.

With Duolingo you can learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English.


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