Little Tricks That Will Help You In Job-Hunting Process

19.05.2016 7144

Sometimes you need to look for another job while currently working and, of course, you don't want your boss to find out. And if at the interview they offer you coffee - why you should always say 'yes'? And how wearing glasses will help you at a job-interview? Here are a few little tricks that will help you land you dream-job:

If you're seeking for a job being currently employed

Such simple thing as dress-code could simply give out to your boss that you are job-hunting. The thing is the way you wear to work and the way you wear to a job-interview can differ. That's why if you are still working but going to interviews - take some close to change before going to work.

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It will be pretty easy for your boss to notice if you came to work in unusually fancy outfit after taking half day off because of "family emergency" or "doctor appointment". So, you should change into something you wear to work before you go there, and no one will notice.


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