Moving Up: How To Get A Promotion

07.09.2015 12347

A road to success might be long and difficult, but it can never be silent. So if you think that your talents and hard, good work will get you noticed and promoted - we have bad news for you. It's not enough to think that you deserve a promotion, to get one - you need to show your superior amazing qualities and value that make you worth it.

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Here are 4 tips how to impress your manager and get a promotion:

Do More

To show that you deserve a promotion is to go far above and beyond of your responsibilities. Take initiative, ask for new assignments and volunteer to help other teams and departments. Show that you want your company to succeed. Don't be afraid of your boss, if she's wrong - do tell, but make sure not do it in front of anyone. If you see the something is going wrong - don't remain silent, tell about the problem and how are you going to fix it. Such unexpected efforts will demonstrate that you are worth extra investment.


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