Nigerian Teenager Accepted By Every US Top College

24.04.2015 1537

A 17-year old Nigerian teenager from New York broke all the records and got in all 8 ivy league schools in addition to MIT, Harold Ekeh, who moved to US with his family when he was eight, is a perfect example of how hard work can pay off. The Ivy League colleges he was accepted to include Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Princeton University, Yale University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

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The bright teenager heard the great news on March 31st when he checked his e-mails home in Elmont, New York. The boy probably jumped with joy and his parents couldn't be more proud.

This news is no surprise when you learn more about Ekeh. Apart from being top student, he is the editor-in-chief of school newspaper, vice president of Model United Nations and mentor in evening preparation program.

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According to the terms, Ekeh has time till the end of April to decide. However, he claims he alreafy knows his choice - he wants to study medecine at Yale University. Harold says that Yale corresponds with his interests more than any other school.

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