One Googler’s Take On Managing Your Time

29.12.2015 1475

Have you ever noticed how some of your working days fly by in a flurry of creativity, while others drag, and even the simpliest tasks tasks are feeling impossible to complete?

If you think that this happens only on Mondays… and maybe couple of other days. But it happens to be our natural waves of energy levels throughout the week.

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Jeremiah Dillon, the Head of Product Marketing at Google Apps for Work, recently sent an email to his team about the most effective way of time management. Jeremiah himself wasn't expecting to get such response, so he was urged to share it with more people. In this email he outlines his best advice on how to make time for creative tasks at work. Jeremiah explains that according to previous research, there are two types of schedulers: the manager and the maker.

The manager cuts their day into 30 minute intervals, changing what they’re doing every half an hour.

The maker needs to focus on making and creating, with time dedicated to thinking. The best way for the maker to schedule work is in a full or half day block. The only way to make this successful is to be purposeful. Establish an implementation intention. You need to define precisely when and where you’ll reserve Make Time for your projects.


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