Public Speaking: How to Do It Great

01.09.2015 53757

Confidence is one of the most important tools in gaining success. Sounding confident can help you a lot on a job interview, when asking for a raise or promotion. But all of us suffer from lack of confidence from time to time and this is absolutely normal. Although, if you're not feeling confident just before important meeting or presentation it can play a bad trick on your career. That's why you should learn how to sound and look confident even if you're not. And here are 5 tricks that will help you:

Do Not Talk Fast

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First of all you should speak more slowly to sound more confident. We aim to talk fast when we're nervous and other people can see that. And a person who is obviously nervous can't look confident. Also, you're more likely to make mistakes while speaking too quickly, and there's a chance people won't understand you as well as you'd like them to. The slow rhythm of your talk, as much as the right pronunciation are important parts of a confident talk.


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