Real Life Story: Sexual Harassment at Workplace

25.02.2015 898

“I have been working in a small café for three months, and my boss has been offering me money for sex for almost the whole time and as I kept saying no, one day he fired me. It has started out when I as alone at work with my boss – he asked me to pick something up and pointed that it was a lovely view and asked me again. He brought up sex in conversations any time there would be no one else around and the topic escalated very quickly when one time he had a bag of cash to carry to the bank and asked me what I would do for all that money, and I ignored that.

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From that time he would always offer me money he took from till and offer it to me in exchange for sex. As I kept on ignoring his remarks and changing subjects any time he would bring it up, he became very cruel and irrational and started yelling at me in front of customers for no reason. Until one night he said that the café no longer needed my service. He would not tell me the reason, and when I asked him if it was because I wouldn’t sleep with him he acted as if it never happened. I worked off the books, and I am sorry that I just had to go and start looking for a new place, still, I am glad I no longer had to work around him anymore. “

“My advice for anyone in a situation like this: - Be firm in your decision, be indifferent to any provocative remarks and suggestions, do not work off the books, always start looking for a new place in case such situation happens.”

Female workers are most often subject of sexual harassment. You can find lots of complains on offensive and suggestive comments or situations happening at a workplace that are taken by most as a joke, by most – but not by the victim. And that is the reason why when this person complains to recruitment manager or boss about such situation, he or she is often not taken seriously and advised to  let the situation go. 

Examples of sexual harassment:

  • Making any sexual comments about body parts, clothing, etc.
  • Touching – patting, rubbing, pinching inappropriately.
  • Asking any questions regarding sex.
  • Making inappropriate gestures of sexual character.
  • Sending or sharing sexual or inappropriate photos, images, letters, notes or e-mails, jokes or anecdotes.
  • Making inappropriate and offensive comments about gender identity or sexual orientation.

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What to do:

  • Tell them that the kind of attention you are getting from them is unwanted and be specific.
  • Talk to the HR.
  • Keep record if anything bad happens.
  • Talk to the boss if it happens repeatedly.

What not to do to be blamed for harassment:

  • Treat any employee as different
  • Make offensive or suggestive comments of any kind
  • Touch or stroke inappropriately
  • Make comments regarding gender, race
  • Make inappropriate comments about appearance, body parts whatsoever.


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