Resume Can be Ruined by These Words

13.07.2015 136392

If you are looking for a job change and are aiming to write an eye-catching resume, this article may surprise you. Some words you use in your CV could actually ruin your chances of getting that dream job. Why? Because those words are overused. You need to understand that your one resume is just one of the pile. And there is a big chance there is only one person who looks through them. When a hiring manager sees the same words in every single CV it makes him sad. Hiring managers are tired of hearing vague, clichéd words like “team player” and “hard worker.” So if you don't want you resume being tossed to the trash, you should avoid this 6 words:

“Responsible For”

Reading this term, the recruiter can almost picture the average, uninspired employee mechanically fulfilling his or her job requirements—no more, no less. Having been responsible for something isn’t something you did—it’s something that happened to you. Turn phrases like “responsible for” into “managed,” “led,” or other decisive, strong verbs.


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