Resume Tips For Those Who Have No Work Experience

20.06.2016 6761

First-time job seekers applying for a full-time position are often faced with a familiar challenge: they are interested in gaining experience, but have no work experience to prove they are qualified. Hiring managers believe that viewing an applicant’s work history is one of the best ways to predict future job performance. So how do you present a resume without significant work experience?

Make a Good First Impression

When you have no work experience, starting your resume with a clear objective is a great way to show that you are focused and understand the mindset of the employer. Another way to avoid presenting yourself with no work experience is to include a summary of qualifications listing your greatest strengths and skills that make you perfect for the position. This type of list highlights the experience you describe in the body of the resume and takes the spotlight off you having no work experience. A summary of qualifications can be created after completing the rest of the resume.

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