Should You Lie On An Interview?

16.10.2015 15804

You can be all well-prepared for an interview, show up on time and feel completely confident but there comes a moment when interviewer asks you a question, and you know the answer, but you also know that it's not the answer interviewer wants to hear. What should you do in such situation? Should you lie? Or should you tell the truth even if it can cost you a job?

Telling the whole truth about yourself in a job interview may mean losing a position to a better-qualified candidate. But the alternative -- lying about your degree, qualifications or experience for short-term gain -- inevitably will come back to haunt you. Most skilled and experienced interviewers can see through lies as they are trained to do so. It is also difficult to remember lies so people often trip themselves up later on in the interview.

To figure out where to draw the line, keep these four tips in mind.

You Don't Know What The Interviewer Wants To Hear

If every candidate knew what interviewers wanted to hear - every first candidate would get a job offer. Also, no one would answer to the infamous “What’s your biggest weakness?” with “Perfectionism.” Avoid saying things like “I’m never late.” Or “I get along with absolutely everybody, everyone loves me, I’m a real people person!” These are lies, and these people do not exist.

If you are asked about your mistakes - it means they want to know whether you can take responsibility for your blinders. So, if you will say that you've never made a mistake - first, this is not what hiring manager wants to hear, and second, it's a lie, and pretty obvious lie.

Maybe, the answer you think is a bad one - is not that bad, because it is honest, and it can be exactly what interviewer wants to hear.


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