Step-by-Step Guide To Acing Video Interview

06.11.2015 3308

Today, more and more companies use video interviews. Such interviews enable inexpensive long-distance face-to-face discussions as well as quick discussions over short distances. They help recruiters and organisations filter candidates at an early stage. Of course, it can't beat a live, face-to-face interview, but it is the next best thing. However, interviewing over video and doing it well can take more preparation than an in-person meeting. But no worries, our tips will help you to prepare and ace your video interview.

Set-Up at Home

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Set up a professional-looking space that won't distract from the conversation. Careful set-up -- in advance -- is very important for a successful interview. Pay attention to the background behind you and to the lighting in front of you. Sit in front of a blank wall (if possible) so that the background behind you isn't cluttered or distracting. You don't want to have your cat walking in front of your camera in the middle of the interview. Eliminate all the distractions like phones, television and turn off all the noisy equipment. Ask family members and friends to go out of the house during your interview so you have no distractions. This can go for barking dogs as well.


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