Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work or Why Aren’t You Been Interviewed

20.11.2014 27

Why 9/10 resumes of candidates for a position go to a bin? What criteria affect on this?

First of all, put yourself in the shoes of people who need a worker. They receive a bulk of applications and read all of them it’s physically impossible. Every employer makes up own filters to find the only one who need them.

So, there are simple rules, or which resume do skipped by employers on the stage of CV review.

“So What?”

Even you are highly qualified specialist keep in mind the hundred other people who applied. If your application does not have anything that can highlight it among the rest, it results to excluding your name from the list of potential candidates.

To solve this problem you should use each possibility to make yourself stand out. If you send your resume via email then write a brief introduction about yourself, namely your skills and achievements. If you’re applying for an online application, use each field as an opportunity to add your own comments.

Don’t be lazy and create a resume according to requirements of each vacancy

If a person specify the title “Head of Marketing Department” as a desired position with high salary, than it may not be necessary to apply for a position “Marketing Manager” with much lower salary than you have mentioned. It is possible to understand when boys at 24 year-old boys write about their giant experience in a large corporation, but if on the contrary - the resume move straightly to the folder “Reject” with the label “Lazy”. However, whether it is difficult to make some little changes in the resume according to the job requirements or, even simply, create two/three resume at once. Nothing. Means - lazy.

You Apply for Several Unrelated Jobs with One Company

When recruiters look through the different job applications and see the same name, they will think that you aren’t qualified for any of the jobs and will reject your application all together.

You Are Not Attentive Enough

In job description, some recruiters ask to include some instructions (e.g. a specific word to include in the subject of your email) to strike applicants out who do not pay attention to details.

Hide your “black” past

Generally, in resume, there is read the first and last place of work, and run eye over the other. For instance, if you worked as a security officer then maybe you should not mention it in the application for "Marketing Manager", should you?

But a falsehood also not worth it. All your words can be checked easily.

Provide Detailed Information

Resumes which similar with example below move to a bin:

    Experience: Media Holding Ltd.

    Title: Assistant Marketing Manager

    Responsibilities:Driving marketing campaigns for a product or service.

Again, do not be lazy to describe your specific responsibilities and achievements. It is not difficult and allows to evaluate your ability to describe your working day properly.

Do Use Only Formal Language

You have to avoid smiles, slang and etc. in your resume. It is not a big minus, but it can has a negative impact.  

Include Your Photo WIth a Resume

Resume with photos have much more chances to succeed. You need an appropriate photo where your face is clearly seen and there is no one else besides you. In no case, do not include any images or drawing.


Good Luck to You!


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