TOP-5 highest-paying jobs in Nigeria in May

10.06.2016 21722

Everyone wants to make a lot of money, right? In fact, nearly seven in 10 people consider salary and compensation a top priority when choosing a job. Finding a career that pays the bills is ideal in today’s economy.

Check out the top 5 highest-paying jobs in Nigeria in May.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Geovitec Oil Services Limited is currently seeking for Quality Assurance Engineer. This person is responsible for ensuring that all our quality assurance programs, measures, operations and procedures are designed, implemented, updated, and comply with applicable codes and client specifications. The list of responsibilities is large, but the salary might be worth it. Employer promises to pay from ₦450 000 to ₦850 000 for full-time job. The position is in Lagos and requires experience from 5 years.

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