Telling Stories Is What You Need To Be A Great Leader And Manager

09.02.2016 7538

"Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today." -Robert McAfee Brown

Leaders need to tell great stories in order to sell their products, but more important, in order to sell their ideas. Storytelling makes us a better leader because it allows us to build connections with those we lead. After all, people don't connect over data points on a graph, but they do relate to experiences and ideas shared within stories because we can immerse ourselves into that notion or reality. And that ability to reach out and connect our message with our employees at that deeper level makes a more effective leader because we're not connecting at a more meaningful level because now we're focusing on how our message is being received by those under our care.

Stories have powerful potential to shape people. And if you want to become a great leader and manager - here are six stories that you should tell:

Who-I-Am Stories

These stories explain who you are as a person. They tell others about your dreams, goals, accomplishments, failures, motivations, values, or history. "Who-I-am" stories are essential to build trust Add to My Personal Learning Plan. Tell these stories when you join a new team, or when you need to establish a connection with a stranger.


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