The 10-Minute Weekly Exercise That’s Changing Career

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The most modern way of looking for a new job or starting out at a new area is to network and get important connections in the companies that interest you. But for a person that is working almost all day long and spends some time learning it is often very hard to build relations with lots of people, so one has to start looking for an effective way to make friends.

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One of our journalists decided to conduct an experiment, and use a “retro”, yet effective way to make friends fast and send hand-written letters to his acquaintances in various spheres. The aim was to establish strong connections in various areas and be on the way of making friends. The best way to do that is to show real interest in the person you are writing to and to avoid asking for anything.

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The journalist set up a plan to write a letter every week to a different person and see the reaction. The first one was sent to a marketing manager that gave him a valuable advice on promoting his project. In his letter he thanked her again for her great suggestion and wrote about a new book he found that he thought she would like. The next letter was sent to a high school teacher that helped him a lot with his motivation and choosing his career path. The response was great both times. The marketing director thanked him for such a great way of sending thank you – she had not received a hand-written mail for a very long time. In addition to that, she suggested him a new online course on journalism and media and invited to a conference where she promised to introduce him to the chief editor of one of the biggest papers. The high school teacher became a writing pal and they started exchanging letters every week.

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The way to start writing letters is to look for the person you would like to thank and someone you would like to help. There might be a trick in finding out their mail address, but the solution to that could be writing to their office or asking them personally saying something like “Hello! There is something I would like to send you in mail, could you give me your address?”

There is no guarantee that you would make friends the moment you start sending letters, still you will have great practice in writing thank you notes and thinking of what others might need. Moreover, who knows, perhaps the person you think is the least likely to reply will be the first one to send you a letter back.

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Anyway, there could be no harm in trying this approach and you might get the most important connections you will ever need.


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