The 10 Most Common Reasons For Dismissal

14.10.2013 95

Almost everyone had to resign from the job or to think of such a possibility at least once in their lives. Despite the fact that for someone the dismissal is a huge stress, yet for the majority it is the way of changing the established rules and the chance to improve the quality of life. In the article we will consider the causes of dismissals, which are the most frequent among the employees of both large companies and small enterprises.

Low wages

Low wages is one of the leading factors that encourage the searching for the position with a higher salary. It is not surprising, because everyone wants his/her knowledge and skills to be deservedly appreciated. Insufficient earnings reduces employee motivation, respectively, often the quality of work suffers. Unfortunately, the average monthly income of the majority of population cannot fully meet the living standards. This situation forces many qualified specialists not work in the profession but to give the preference to the employers with attractive job offers.

The absence of career prospects and possibilities for self-development

To achieve professional heights is the dream and the goal of almost any employee. Many people associate the job growth with the career ladder, where each step is a new successful outcome. However, it is difficult to work in the enterprise, where even many years later, you can stay at the starting point. More than half of workers resign their job in unpromising companies despite the good wages and good leadership. There are also other situations – the employer consciously overstates the career opportunities of the company in the job interview, but in reality the employee quickly realizes that he/she had been deceived and hurries to leave the organization.

As a rule, there are no opportunities for the self-development in such companies (paid advanced training courses, specialized literature etc.). The legislation and labor market conditions are constantly changing and the employees, who do not have an adequate access to the information, may eventually become unclaimed and uncompetitive.

Bad relationships with colleagues

It's hard to work in a team where there are permanent discontents and disputes due to the complicated relationships with co-workers. Such circumstances may occur with each person, but attempts to the significant improvement of the current state of affairs are unlikely to be successful. You can only try to change the strategy of your behavior: keep the friendliness and calmness in the conflict situations, control your emotions, consider the opinion of the team but do not allow yourself to impose someone else's point of view.

Conflicts with management

There a lot of reasons for disagreement with the management – from the incompatibility of the characters to the personal claim (very high demands, constant admonition to the tasks and appearance, an unfair assessment etc.). But it should be noted that often the causer is the employee - for example, due to the systematic violation of internal regulations, permanent disruption of plans and schedules, poor quality of work. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, do not allow the aggression from your side and to try to find a compromise.

Uninteresting work

Everyone has cravings for the specific areas of activity – while someone is interested in the construction of buildings, others cannot imagine their life without numerals and reports. However, there are situations when the favorite business has ceased to bring moral satisfaction and practically all the time you are looking forward to the end of the working day or to the weekend. One-third of employees still decide to resign and in some cases - to make radical career change.

Large volume of work

Short-term stress can be very useful, because it gives motivation to overcome difficulties and to concentrate on the work performed. However, a significant and sometimes unpaid and unplanned workload adversely affects not only the quality of the work, but also influences the mental and physical health of the employee. If the irregular schedule is added to the above-mentioned factors, it is not surprising that many workers do not withstand the rapid pace and prefer to resign.

Often the reason of such a situation is the improper distribution of time. Plan your working day, thus it is necessary to leave short periods for the rest and unexpected solutions. For this purpose, you can use a special notepad. Do not attempt to perform all tasks at once, and if it is possible, ask a colleague to help you.

Personal problems

Serious troubles in the family, problems with health or with housing - all these factors may also become the reasons for dismissal. It requires a long period of absence from work to solve them, but only a few heads agree their employee to let go even for a short time. Simply put, it is easier to find a new worker rather than constantly shift the liability to another person.

The underestimation of the skills 

"My management does not notice me", a phrase that can often be heard from the employees who complain about their uselessness, but in fact they are good and competent experts. Think about the further situation: maybe you should blame your own character traits - excessive modesty, lack of initiative, restraint and slowness - which may be the main cause of the incorrect assessment of abilities?

Long-term nonpayment or delayed wages

Some of the circumstances - the financial crisis, the company's bankruptcy, dishonesty of the employer – led to the delay of wages which has become a very common occurrence in the labor market. Not all employees are willing to work without financial reward and will soon resign. Improper and prolonged non-payment of salaries violates the rights of the worker, so in this case, do not be afraid to apply to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

Large distance from home to the work place

A major percentage among the workers who had resigned for this reason constitutes those who own a car. It is quite logical, because many employers do not offer to cover the cost for buying petrol. In addition, some employees consider that the time necessary to spend for the road to the work (on average 1,5-2 hours daily) takes a lot physical forces and has a negative impact on the working capacity.


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