The 7 Deadly Sins Of Office Workers

21.04.2015 7184

Most of us spend at least 45 hours every week at work. No wonder that most of our behavioral issues come to light there. We have to deal with situations and people that we like and do not like and some of us can manage it much better than the others.

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We’ve decided to apply the list of deadly sins to the work environment to help us classify all the ill behavior that might get you fired right away or even put an end to your entire career.


The road to success is very long and stumpy and is not good for those that want it all and at once. Such people are very quick to jump on a new project but they cool down as soon as the project stops being new. The other side of greed is trying to take what doesn’t belong to them. They might be telling you they are responsible for something someone else had done.


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