The Best Foods to Eat Before a Job Interview

07.09.2016 2980

A good diet can improve focus, sharpen your memory and even help to fight depression and anxiety, so it pays to eat well in the lead up to an important interview of you want to perform at your best.

A poor diet can make you tired or sloppy, whereas a healthy diet will make you more focused, more aware and help to get rid of those interview nerves. In our article, you’ll find foods you should eat, and steer clear of.

The foods you should try to intake when getting ready are:

Fatty acids (Omega 3)

These build brain cell membranes and promote new brain cell formulation – so they’ll make you smarter! Benefits include mood improvement, improved memory and sharpened focus… great for any interview situation. It will also make you great for answering questions, which is extremely necessary in an interview. You can find fatty acids in salmon, eggs and kale (amongst other places).

Although, the omega-3 fats in the salmon don’t give you an instant mental boost, but they do improve long-term brain health — so when you land the job after your power interview, your brain will be primed and extra sharp for your first day of work!

B vitamins

Take plenty of B vitamins on board as they support the production of serotonin, dopamine and GABA which balance your brain chemicals to keep you calm during a tense interview. B vitamins are found greens such as peas, broccoli and spinach, as well as eggs and meat.

Whole grains

These slowly release glucose into the bloodstream, and can increase your mental alertness, concentration and focus. Eat plenty of wholegrains found in brown cereals, brown pasta and granary bread; they release glucose into the bloodstream which is the main fuel source for the brain. Benefits of wholegrain consumption include increased concentration and focus.


Drinking a moderate amount of coffee before an interview can certainly have benefits but approach with caution (especially if you are not a regular coffee drinker). Caffeine found in coffee causes the release of adrenaline which increase alertness, sharpens vision and reduces tiredness after 20 minutes of consuming. Effects will wear off after 3 hours and cause a “crash” so time your coffee consumption correctly before your interview. Caffeine has been known to have a laxative effect on around 3 in 10 people, so if you fall in to this category, it may be best to avoid coffee all together.

During the day, when you’re preparing for the interview, there are a few foods to avoid including (alongside too much coffee):


Eating too many carbs, like potatoes, bread and pasta can reduce alertness and may even make you fall asleep – which you don’t want in an interview! They cause the brain to release lots of tryptophan which reduced alertness and can even cause you to doze off.

Smelly foods

Garlic and onions should be banned from your diet for 24 hours before any interview or meeting. As they not only cause bad breath, but can even be secreted from your sweat glands, which won’t create a great first impression.


It’s essential to stay hydrated but too much water before an interview will have you running for the bathroom between every question. Drink a little beforehand and ask the interviewer for a glass to stop your mouth from drying during the interview itself.


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