The Guide To Smarter Job Search

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As job search - is also a kind of work, you should be busy all the week. An accurate planning and schedule can help you forget nothing and will make a search much more efficient. prepared timetable for every day, so that you could spend time as productively as possible.


Traditionally, it ‘s a rest day, but not only for ambitious job seekers. Sunday is the best day for planning your next week and make other preparation works. For instance, check mistakes in your resume again, read a cover letter, make the necessary  corrections, using on job sites chose jobs you are interested in. Ahead a difficult week.


Majority of people start working week slowly and reluctantly. You had an excellent chance to have enough rest and sleep, to be full of energy in the morning. You have had a good resume, prepared a cover letter and chose interesting career opportunities - time for actions and send your resume.


It’s about time for searching new job openings - they should have been added on Monday.  Moreover create job alerts which will send you new jobs by email, according to your speciality and location. Make a list of companies that interest you, so you will be able much easier monitor their new vacancies.


This day you can be spend for analysis and self-education. For the previous days, probably, you have seen many vacancies where requirements were higher than you expected. Analyse these requirements and think, what knowledge you can upgrade. Look for relevant literature on the Internet and, perhaps, training on this topic will be held in your city. So, you will have additional information to tell on the interview, certainly, it will be a plus and allows you to pretend to a better job position.


Excellent day for searching a new job among acquaintances. Your relatives have already known for sure, that you are looking for a job, therefore, you should focus on your friends, acquaintances and former colleagues. Call them or send a message via social networks and tell them that you are seeking a job. The more people know about it, the more your chances of success.


Friday - is not only the day before weekends, but also a good day to summarize everything what you have accomplished for the week. What companies have responded you, what acquaintances promised to help you - make a small list to know who you need to disturb next week. As well check your garments and prepare clothes for future interviews, because you have to look superbly.


This day can be spent on a relax because you need energy for the new week. Additionally, you can read a couple of articles about your professional activity and make some changes into your week plan.

Every Day

In addition, you should take into account  regularly checking your mail box and responding on emails, always answer on incoming calls - keep you mobile near yours, constantly monitoring of fresh jobs. Every day you should plan carefully bearing in mind an upcoming interview or maybe more.

Of course, this list is only an example how plan your days. Everyone will have their individual schedule, but general principles should be kept. Remember, the time - very important source, so control it wisely.


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